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A specialized training program to enhance your professional development in the beauty industry. A true evolution that will turn your professional figure from beautician to into an highly specialized Personal Beauty Trainer.


Training programs and courses to deepen all areas of beauty industry

Qualified lecturers

Our lecturers possess certified knowledge specific for the beauty industry.

Work method

30-year experience work method to support beauty center in the development of their businesses.

Special programs

Full immersion monthly training to grant the acquisition of grounds of our working method to you and your staff.

Constant innovation

Our schedule is in constant update to follow the latest innovation in the beauty field.

Management Area

To master the management of your activity with the support of management tools and targeted business strategies. The grounds of Hintime Method.


Technical and commercial Area

To reach, thanks to Hintime Method, the professional qualification of Personal beauty trainer - a figure who possess both technical and professional skills and competences.


Specialization Area

To acquire the highest knowledge and skills in beauty technology protocols and ensure to your customers excellent results.


Web Marketing Area

To provide you with promotional marketing skill and techniques to develop your brand identity.

Area Web Marketing.jpg

Event Area 

Dedicated events to master sales techniques and personal development to strengthen your professional figure and handle all sales and relational dynamics in your beauty center.


Special Area

Acquire the basic grounds with a monthly 5-day full-immersion to allow your employees and coworkers to learn and follow Hintime Method

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