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Last-generation technologies for every beauty center needs, granted technical assistance and operative protocols to support daily work.


Offer visible results to your customers


Face Technologies

Based on scientific research, discover our beauty technologies for skincare, able to fight main face blemishes and the effects of chrono- and photo-aging.

Body technologies

A synergy of different sources combined in our last-generation technologies to fight body blemishes, potentiating exponentially the results in terms of silhouette reshaping.

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Epilation Technologies

Last-generation permanent progressive epilation technologies. Efficient on every phototype and with operative protocols studied for every customer’s needs.

Check-Up Technologies

Our working method is based on a strong scientific approach. Check-up technologies to reveal and evaluate face and body blemishes to build customized treatment programs according to customers needs.


By your side to satisfy every business need

1. Free consultation

Book your free meeting with our referent to receive all the technical information and economic details about our technologies.

2. Try the technology

We will arrange a free demonstration of the technology you are interested in, directly in your beauty center with our specialized Personal Beauty Trainer.

3. Choose the suitable solution for your needs

Decide with purchase or rent solution answer your business needs and potentiate your beauty center.

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